Handyman Tips-How to fit a cooker hood and solve working problems

Published: 15th April 2009
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These are special types of fans that are fitted in the kitchen and get rid of grease, steam and smells from the kitchen
These come as two basic types or designs
a.recirculating-which is filtered through carbon filters that capture the grease and odours inside the charcoal pieces
b.duct,which take the air out directly through a hole in the wall.


Air is drawn through a grille at the bottom of the extractor fan through grilles with a grease filter mesh on the underside
The air is then drawn into the carbon filters ,re-circulated then re-juvenated back as clean air.
Ducted vents take the air out directly so therefore speeding up the process of re circulating the air.
Most extractors come with a speed switch to regulate the speed of circulation.
Another useful constant is a light which is used to illuminate the cooking area

To avoid excessive build up of grease, the removable hood needs to be washed in warm soapy water, and if it is possible to
wash the mesh then do the same.
The carbon filters will also need to be changed from time to time depending on the amount of use and the colour change of
the filters.


hood not working

1.faulty wiring-turn off the power supply and check for loose or suspect wiring.
2.blown fuse in the fused spur-replace fuse and switch on and test.
3.faulty motor-this requires you to call out a service engineer as these are not a DIY fix.

odours not being expelled

1.carbon filter not working efficiently-replace carbon filter
2.grease filter needs cleaning or replacing-remove and check to see if the filters are clogged with grease

no light in the cooker hood

1.light bulb blown-change bulb
2.faulty switch-have it checked

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