Tool Tips-jigsaw uses and maintenance

Published: 15th April 2009
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The jigsaw makes light work of cutting curves and intricate shapes in wood, plastic etc.
The workings are the same for all types and models.
With the machine plugged in, the speed selector in tuned for optimum performance and depending on the type of material
to be cut
Once the on button is depressed the motor kicks in and turns over the crankshaft which operates the pendulum swing arm,
this makes the blade move up and down in quick succession over the blade support roller-at the same time the internal cooling
fan blows the debris from the cutting path.

1.replace worn blades because this make you have to use excessive force to cut the material which in turn puts a strain
on the motor. Use the correct blade for the right kind of job.
2.clean the air vents with a vaccum,and spray the whole casing with maintenance spray.

1.always wear a mask for cutting materials especially MDF boards
2.use a dust extraction bag or a vacuum to catch the dust for safe disposal


jigsaw does not work

1.faulty wiring-check the fuses and wires to make sure they are not blown or loose.
2.the thermal cut out has malfunctioned-clean the air vents and leave for 10 minutes

jigsaw does not cut straight

1.suspect blade-cheek to see whether the blade is straight and of god quality-cheap blades can be bent by hand
quality blades cannot
2.blade support roller not aligned properly-rest the rollers by undoing the base plate and realigning.
3.use the support guide to guide your jigsaw in a straight line

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